M/s Haji P.I. Ahamed Koya offers services in Wooden Dhow building, restoration, repair, consultation and Wooden Dhow materials since 1890. HPIAK has the capability to build different type and models of Traditional Wooden Dhow (Machuva) such as Boomb, Sambook etc. We have at our disposal a vast pool of skilled manpower for the construction of wooden dhow/crafts and expertise and experienced people in all areas of wood & wooden Dhow/crafts construction.

Kamakantakath Kunhammed Koya Haji

(Founder and Pioneer of the Company)

Haji P. I. Ahamed Koya

(Son of Kunhammed Koya Haji)

K. V. Koyassan Koya - Bichu

(Son of Haji P. I. Ahammed Koya)

Haji P. I. Ahamed Koya, the pioneer of craftsmanship

Kamakantakath Kunhammed Koya Haji who was one of the well renowned businessmen in Kerala and Arab World started his Timber Company in 1890 at Calicut. As a Commission Agent, he was having great business link with Arab businessmen from Kuwait, Bahrain, UAE, Oman, Yemen, Iran etc. His craftsmanship in Arab Booms (Machuva –Vessel) was well known over Arab World and got many boat building orders from various companies. He passed away in 1919 and his son Haji P. I. Ahamed Koya carried on his business.

Haji P. I. Ahamed Koya expanded his father's business into other Arabian Gulf countries under the banner of M/s Haji P. I. Ahamed Koya. He was a great business leader who could attract many merchants from Arab World.

Haji P. I. Ahamed Koya refined his skills and expanded his impressive knowledge of wooden ship construction by concentrating on the fundamental elements of his craft; a craft which he defines as "the art and mystery of shipbuilding." He imported Arabian dates and built a sound market in all over Kerala. He passed away in December 31st, 1971.

Haji P. I. Ahamed Koya, the pioneer of craftsmanship

His sons Messers K. V. Kunhammed, K. V. Koyassan Koya (Bichu), P. O. Basheer, P.O. Hashim and P.O. Musthafa took over the Company and continued the business in the same name and style and expanded the business to Bombay, Mangalore and Beypore. During this period there was a good demand for making Arab Booms (Machuva) and it lasted for two decades.

At that period company was making about 20 to 30 Booms (Machuva) every year at Beypore and Mangalore. We received several State and National Awards constituted by Engineering Promotion Council under Ministry of Commerce (Govt. of India) for building Arab Booms with quality craftsmanship and international export of wooden ship and its services. We have exported lengthy teak timber logs with special permit from Government of India for Qatar, UAE and Kuwait for the repair and maintenance of booms built at Beypore.